YouTuber Sends Lawyer After UFC to Stop ‘Unfair’ Takedown Notices via TF

( ) The owner of a popular post-fight boxing commentary channel on YouTube is demanding that the UFC stops taking down his videos, which only use still images from fights. With help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Boxing Now’s

Movie Studios Are Suing Canadian BitTorrent Users, But That’s Nothing New via TF

( ) There’s some uproar in Canada about a supposed ‘novel’ tactic that’s being used to sue alleged BitTorrent pirates. In reality, however, these lawsuits have been ongoing for years. They are typically known as “copyright trolling” efforts and

‘YouTube Content-ID Abusers Could Face Millions of Dollars in Damages’ via TF

( ) WatchMojo, one of the most viewed channels on YouTube, is striking back at Content-ID abusers. The channel is fed up with the numerous claims it has received against fair use content. Rightsholders can profit from this scheme

Kylie Jenner loses record for most-liked Instagram post via CP24

NEW YORK — Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement is no longer the most-liked post on Instagram. A photo of a simple brown egg has more than 27 million likes, surpassing the 18 million generated last year when Jenner posted a photo

YouTube revises policy, bans dangerous prank videos via CP24

( ) SAN BRUNO, Calif. — YouTube is trying to prevent otherwise bright people from doing dangerous things. The video-sharing network owned by Google is cracking down on harmful or dangerous pranks. Updated policies no longer allow challenges that

Article 13 Suspense Builds as Finish Line Nears via TF

( ) This coming Monday, lawmakers hope to reach agreement on the final text of the controversial Article 13. Whatever direction the proposal goes, there’s bound to be some disappointment. Opponents fear invasive censorship, while proponents see it as

Vimeo ‘Fined’ €8.5m For Failure to Remove Copyrighted TV Content via TF

( ) Vimeo has been ordered to pay Italian broadcasting giant €8.5m in compensation after failing to take down copyrighted TV shows. The Rome Court of Appeals also ordered the US-based video service to prevent future uploads of the

Philippines Could Revoke Licenses of ISPs That Help to Facilitate Piracy via TF

( ) A new bill introduced in the Philippines could see local ISPs stripped of their licenses to operate if they provide access to sites that infringe or facilitate infringement of copyright. Citing threats posed by torrent, streaming, and

Tech Giants Warn US Govt. Against EU’s ‘Article 13’ Plans via TF

( ) The CCIA, which represents global tech firms including Cloudflare, Google, and Facebook, is warning the U.S. Government against the EU’s copyright reform plans. According to the tech giants, Article 13 could result in significant economic consequences for

YouTube Amps Up Article 13 Protest With Pop-Ups via TF

( ) The controversy surrounding Article 13 of the EU’s proposed copyright legislation continues. This week YouTube raised the bar by running pop-up messages to warn users about unintended consequences. While the video platform is getting more involved, its